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Estimation tooling

METRICS QUEST is a brand in the world of software metrics and estimation tooling.
A brand with it’s own style; refreshing, easy to use and affordable.

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The METRICS QUEST Estimating tooling offers functionality to support project managers, scrum masters, IT managers and IT Procurement during all phases of software projects and agile development. Also software suppliers who offer bids on tenders find our tooling useful.

METRICS QUEST supports Estimating Agile/scrum and waterfall project plans, what-if scenario’s for size, duration, effort and productivity, and lets you build your own performance trendlines.
METRICS QUEST supports Benchmarking projects and vendor bids, based on your own historical projects or on trendlines from ISBSG.

METRICS QUEST offers a reliable basis for management decisions based on budget and timing, also in (very) early stages of software development.

The heart of METRICS QUEST is formed by the ISBSG data set with data points of over 7.500 projects. You can make use of trendlines, built on those data points, for Estimating new projects and Benchmarking projects that are closed.

When you already have a database of your own historical project data, METRICS QUEST offers easy to use import functionality to upload your historical data upon which you can easily generate your performance trendlines.

Please contact us for more information or a demonstration of our tooling.